Anders Article Part II & III

Sep 08, 2003 • One minute to read

Bill Venners has released Part II and Part III of his interview series with Anders Hejlsberg on the C# Language Design Process. There’s some great discussion on topics such as why C# does not have checked exceptions like Java, simplicity versus simplexity, _the beauty of delegates _[my words], and explaining how C# is classified as a component-oriented language.

Speaking of component-oriented programming, one of the things that has definitely chanaged is the approach to programming. Rather then creating one big monolothic application, applications are divided into multiple components. In fact, one could argue that programming the .NET framework is less about writing code from scratch but instead the process is really about linking pre-built components to achieve a specific task.

For those of you attending PDC this year, Anders will be presenting the Visual C# “Whidbey”: Language Enhancements session :)

PS: In case you missed Part I of the Interview series, you can find it here.


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