C# Samples & Your Ideas

Aug 03, 2003 • One minute to read

C# Samples

We recently posted 23 C# Code Samples on MSDN for your development pleasure. The samples answer some popular questions and should “just work”. Here are just some of the topics covered to wet your appetite:

Custom Attributes

Code Access Security

Callbacks and Delegates


Your Ideas

[putting on marketing hat]

We want your ideas and feedback for C# samples! Do you have a pressing question that you want sample code for? Do you have a great idea that you want someone else to write the code for? Here’s your chance to have your questions and ideas turned into real code for the next release of our C# samples. You can tell your friends how cool you are when we use your idea for the next release of C# samples (and I’ll even vouch for you). You can respond on this blog, or email me at [email protected].


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