Practice Safe Computing

Aug 01, 2003 • One minute to read

I received an email today from admin @ Microsoft dotcom saying my password has expired with a zip attachment indicating instructions. Not being gullible, but still being curious, I virus scanned the attachment and saw that it was indeed a virus. I forwarded the mail to our security team for investigation, but it brings up a good point. Don’t run attachments, patch your machines regularly and practice safe computing. My quick tips,

Don’t believe everything you read in email. Not sure? Check here or here

Don’t run attachments if you don’t know where they are coming from

Use and update your antivirus software

Use Windows Update

Use a firewall and block everything but the necessary ports.

There’s also been some news about a vulnerability affecting DCOM which lives inside the RPC process, with a patch available through Windows Update, which you should visit if you don’t have the RPC patch installed.

*Update: Link to the security bulletin


PSA: J2EE and .NET Reloaded