Halo, H4x0rs, and the life of a Blogosphere story

Jun 11, 2003 • 2 minutes to read

Semi-random stream of consciousness…


EricGu turned me onto Red vs. Blue while we were at the speaker lounge at TechEd and I started having uncontrollable fits of laughter in what was a quiet room. They’re making 22 episodes, so make sure to donate to the cause. If you’re a Halo fan this is an absolute must see. It’s a movie filmed entirely inside of Halo with a well written and executed storyline. One of the best things I’ve seen on the net in a while!


Insecure recently polled a NMap (of Matrix2 fame) mailing list to see what they list members thought were the Top 75 security tools, excluding NMap of course. There are quite a bit of tools I wasn’t familiar with, but I thought I would pass this along as a good addition to your bookmarks for security tools.

Life of Blogosphere stories

_ _Interesting read on the circle of life and evolution of blog postings, but the sample size does seem a bit small for accurate scientific study. In Microdoc’s own words “_Through a study of 45 blogosphere stories, Microdoc News has developed a picture of how a blogosphere story gets started, how that story develops and then how it then comes to an end. While each blogosphere story has its own pattern of development, the similarities between one story and another is intriguingly similar. The smallest blogosphere stories can have as few as fifteen bloggers, the average story has between 40 and 60 bloggers, while the largest one to date had about 285 bloggers involved. A blogosphere story can be as small as 180 posts in total, while the largest we studied has numbered 7,540 posts in total.” _The even post a pretty picture to explain the connections between blog stories. I’m not sure what it means, but it looks like a complex version of the classic “flea flicker” call.


Meeting with EricR

PSA - VS.NET 2003 Posters are available for download