TechEd Monday - Thursday

Jun 10, 2003 • 5 minutes to read

**Confessional: **Please forgive me, it’s been about a week since my last blog, but I haven’t had any free time.

Dallas was exhausting, but all the locals were great and really made the trip worth it. I met so many great people in such a short amount of time!


Thank you to everyone who attended my C# Past, Present, and Future talk on Monday. If you did attend my C#, Past, Present, & Future talk for academia on Sunday or the same session on Monday, here are some links you might be interested in:

SSCLI (“Rotor”)

SSCLI Community web site

Gyro (Generics on SSCLI)

Gyro Community web site

C#ide (Pronounced Seaside)

DrC# (Dr. CSharp, which I found out about through Morris)

O’Reilly Network walkthrough of Rotor

SSCLI Essentials book

Peter Drayton discusses extending the SSCLI

I’m looking to post both the slides and the demos once I get a team site setup on GotDotNet.

The TechEdBloggers meeting was on Monday night and I think it went really well so big thanks to Drew. You can find more recaps on TechEdBloggers or Brian’s (B1’s) Blog.


I met with MikeH who I used to work with while in DC. He’s done a lot of neat stuff using Active Directory, Exchange and .NET, but he also had some valid complaints about not being able to find .NET samples on the web for this stuff. For those of you interested, there are some nice add-ins to the Server Explorer like the AD add-in (seems to only work with VS 7.0), WMI extensions, and the Web Services Toolkit for Exchange. Harry also blogged on some newly announced VS.NET Power Toys. If you’re interested in using AD for applications, make sure you check out AD Application Mode (pronounced Adam).


After working all night on demos, my Middle Tier apps with C# presentation went well, again thank all of you who attended! The bad part was that my web service security demo proved too secure to work in front of the crowd. Luckily, I was able to draw parallels between why people watch Nascar and technical presentations…it’s all about the crashes. The reason my demo didn’t work, or didn’t work without a network connection, is that it was trying to validate against my corporate domain, which it did successfully in my hotel room when connected to the network, but failed in front of my now most intimate acquaintances:). I’ve received a lot of great feedback on my demos and I promise to upload them soon to my team page, once I get it setup on GDN. I’ll also probably post a blog entry that walks through the code for those interested.



PSA - VS.NET 2003 Posters are available for download

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