TechEd Recap - Sunday

Jun 02, 2003 • One minute to read

After 3 hours of sleep (re - broken demos) I woke up to hit the Convention Center in Dallas. I finally met Juval in person while checking in at registration, and I think there are about 5 cardboard cutouts of Juval around all of TechEd. More on that later. My first presentation was to faculty and you can find out more information about it on Morris’s blog, and also what happenned to me minutes before I spoke on Brian’s log. My laptop has since recovered. After this I gave a quick talk to RD‘s on generics which was fun (I like these people), and then hit the Circle Ranch afterwards. After some good barbeque and a shooting, I got to meet a lot of cool people in the community and even met and drink with Drew who runs TechEdBloggers in person.

Speaking of TechEdBloggers, the bloggers meeting is tonight from 7-8pm in Room A118. Be there :)

The rest of the night is under NDA, but I now know that people from Dallas, Microsoft, and event attendees know how to have a good time:)


TechEd Monday - Thursday

Dallas hotels, thank you David Weller and Gaming sites