2003 Webby Awards

May 22, 2003 • One minute to read

Have you voted yet? You only have two more days to place your vote for the People’s Choice awards! I love the Webby awards as they cover the coolest stuff in the web’s underbelly, and you have to appreciate the fact that their acceptance speeches are limited to five words (or less).

My predictions for this year’s winners in the People’s Choice awards, based on how much I use said web site, how many pieces of email I receive about said site, and my gut feeling:

Technical Achievement: Google - Get Google Hacks the book if you haven’t yet, great for Google lovers

Services: NetFlix - I just recently started using this and it rocks!

Film: Metacritic - They may just win Audio too, based on hype, I’ve been using MRQE a lot lately too, but metacritic does games too :)

Net Art: PuppetTool

Print+Zines: The Onion

I really think they should add a category for web services, I would love to see a competition between Ebay, Amazon, MapPoint, and Google for the best XML Web service.

Who do you think will win this year’s awards and who would win the fictitious Web services awards?


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Dan Fernandez